heads up!

Astute as my Adored Readers are, I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve added two new pages to my blog. The first is an informational page regarding cystic fibrosis. The second is a promised page about all the meds that Ashley takes on a daily basis to help her deal with both CF and having two lungs that she wasn’t born with. Feel free to have a look when you have free time(1), and if you’re inclined you can also check out the list of CF bloggers I’ve posted on the sidebar.

  1. In particular, the meds page makes my happy. I feel like I missed a calling in pharmacology.

One comment on “heads up!

  1. The doctors thought Cohen had CF for a little bit. Waiting for the test results was the scariest time of my life. You’re both pretty brave. It’s such a strange and tragic disease. Keep fighting!

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