two lives to live

This past week has been trying. It’s kinda funny: People sometimes say “life happens” when explaining why certain event happen outside the normal order of things, when in truth it’s that life doesn’t happen.

Our lives, to a great degree, are routine, and they are so because that routine is what helps us keep going when adversity strikes.(1)

Catching up on life – on the parts of my routine that I’ve been missing – hasn’t been easy. I’ve missed a lot of work over the last two days. I’ve missed reading and band practice. I’ve missed the cats destroying the house.

I’ve also missed my online life.

I marked most of my feeds in Google Reader as read, saving the alerts I have for cystic fibrosis in the news. For these, I downloaded the Google app on my BlackBerry so I could read them at the hospital.

I’m behind on my blog reading, and especially my blog commenting. I’m behind on emails. has gone without my adoring eyes. And I’ve haven’t tweeted in two whole days.

Shit, I haven’t even checked the weather.

When Ashley and I left the hospital yesterday, the boy was in good spirits. There was talk that, after his x-ray today, he’d be able to start eating solid food and soon be able to go home. I just got a call from The Moms that the x-ray suggests otherwise.

Life will have to go on holding.
And online life will have to go on unlived.(2)

  1. Why does adversity always strike? It never saunters or punches or attacks or least of all happens.
  2. Avitable put this whole thing much more succinctly than I ever could.

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